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Soares & Simões, Lda. Is an SMB born in Óis da Ribeira, Águeda municipality, in April 1989. Its activity focuses on the production of all kinds of technical springs, hooks, rings and rollings for the industry, including tensile, torsion, compression and zig-zag springs, shaped wires and tape, being able to work with wire thickness between 0.15mm and 22.00mm. 
It was awarded in 2014 under the title SMB Excellence by IAPMEI, for having stood out as a company with strong power of innovation and quality assurance, maintains the spirit of constant growth and technical evolution. 
The company, one of the most outstanding in the district of Aveiro, has as a daily goal to maintain and leverage its position in the market of the springs, never neglecting the rigor and assiduity to which it has habituated its clients.
The certainty: it is always possible to improve. 
The guarantee: Soares & Simões will never stop betting on this.

ISO 9001:2015

Soares & Simões complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, ensuring all requirements of the quality management system, and ensures that it is a reliable supplier of goods and services.

PME - Excelência '14

Soares & Simões was awarded the title of “PME Excelência” by IAPMEI in 2014, which validates it as one of the Portuguese companies recognized for their innovation strategy and ability to internationalize.

PME Líder

Soares & Simões is “PME Líder”, title awarded by IAPMEI for its high levels of performance, financial strength and effectiveness.

PME - Excelência '17

Soares & Simões was honored another year with the title of PME Excellence in 2017 by IAPMEI, which once again validates as one of the Portuguese companies highlighted by its strategy of innovation, growth and internationalization capacity.

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