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Torsion coil springs, as the name implies, are made to perform a torsional force from its ends. To do so, they have two straight or curvilinear lever arms where the force is applied.

These springs are designed to work around and axis and wind the coils according to the lateral force applied to the levers. 

They can be manufactured with wires of several shapes and are designed according to the needs of each client.

d - Material Diameter
Lk - Spring body or freeboard
Da - External Diameter
Di - Internal Diameter
Dp - Pin Diameter
lf - number of active coils
A0 - free angle between the rods
A1 - rotation angle for F1 force
F1 - Strength as a function of A1 angle
Haste1 - Haste1 length
Haste2 - Haste2 length

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