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30 Years
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A Soares & Simões, Lda. is one of the most prominent companies in the production of springs in Aveiro, Portugal. Our activity focuses on the production of all kinds of technical springs, hooks, rings and rollings for the industry, including tensile, torsion, compression and zig-zag springs, shaped wires and tape.

# Innovation

We increasingly invest in business evolution and innovation. We believe that it is possible to improve, and always receptive to new challenges and opportunities.

# Green

In this way, we do not neglect the preservation of the environment and ensure that it is an energetically self-sustainable company.

# Certification

Soares & Simões is a company certified to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard and is committed to complying with the applicable requirements and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and the performance of the organization.


Our mission is to work with the commitment that characterizes us, with the objective of growing both nationally and internationally. We also recognize the importance of preserving the environment, which is why we carry on renewable energies, through the use of photovoltaic panels in our facilities. This solution will allow the reduction of the impact of the energy consumption of our activity and, at the same time, allow us to be sufficient records in our production.


The values that highlights Soares & Simões activity are professionalism and the quality of products and services. We operate in a transparent manner and seek to build a relationship of trust with our client. We drive the future together. In order to satisfy your needs and valuing the rigor of our activity.